Hello all!

I finished some yarn, and I am quite excited about it. It’s the 50/50 merino/silk from BMFA that I’ve been working on for awhile. I ended up with 340 yards of 2 ply yarn.


It really is a lovely rich color, and the silk is so heavy it just shines.

You may remember that this was a different base of the same dyed fiber I already spun, in black BFL.


So, now I have a grand total of 680 yards of two complimentary yarns, and I am eager to figure out what to do with it all!


I don’t think I can lose in this case though. It’s beautiful!

South Dakota Spinning

Yesterday I mentioned the Nahant scarf I got started on in South Dakota. Now we’ll discuss the reason I didn’t start it sooner! I got busy with some of my flower shop inferno by dyeabolical. I’d started this awhile back, but didn’t manage to get very far. I think it was the tail end of Tour de Fleece.


But, somehow it was a nice comfortable project to work on during the car ride, and I got two bobbins full. I’ve got about a third of the fiber left to spin, and if I’d just sit down with it, I feel confident it would get done soon!


The other day I made some easy crocheted coasters. As it turns out, they were a hot item. Mr. Ink’s brother wanted a set, so I asked him to trust me on yarn choices, and whipped him up a set of 8 coasters.


I am not sure what the yarn was, but it was something that had long color changes, and it looked to be a single ply about sport weight. These turned out nice, I like how they aren’t all matching, but coordinate beautifully.

We all know I am not much of a crocheter, but I will admit that I’ve been seeing a number of crochet projects around the blogosphere that have appealed to me, so brushing up on my skills with a simple project is absolutely in order.


We are headed out camping this weekend. It should be a lovely relaxing time with a few friends. Last weekend was manic, this weekend should be the opposite. We try to get in at least one camping trip per year, usually quite a bit earlier in the year, but we’ve fallen behind this year.

Mr. Ink originally thought he’d only want to camp one night. I decided both nights were better for Miss Bug and me, and prepared for that. But, as it turns out, now that we are insisting on 2 nights, Mr. Ink has decided that is a good idea as well.

Last evening I decided to get some plying done in between menu prep for the trip and gathering gear. I find that if I sit down at the wheel when I can no longer think of anything else to write on my list, I’ll soon think of another thing that needs to go on the list.


And so, there was a good deal of thinking and plying. Very effective in getting both planning and yarn completed.

This is the BMFA merino/silk blend that I’ve been working on for awhile. It’s really quite lovely, and so shiny. I can’t wait to see it done and side by side it’s black BFL counterpart!

Regularly Scheduled

Despite our family upset, I do have some nice things to show off. While we were headed to South Dakota, I wound some of Marja’s handspun yarn into a ball. I had intended to start knitting it immediately, but then got caught up in driving and decided to wait.

On Saturday evening, after the bike ride, I pulled out the yarn and cast on. I am knitting another Nahant scarf, which will go back to Marja in return for some of her handspun yarn for me.


I am using size 5 needles I believe, the yarn is lightweight, made from Inglenook batts. It has fabulous little pops of colors here and there, very tweedy. This scarf won’t have huge color changes like my last nahant, but I think it will end up looking quite elegant instead. And, as is usual for me, this is just the kind of lace knitting that I adore. Simple, almost like knitting stockinette. Very repetitive, and exactly what I need right now.


We headed to Mitchell, South Dakota last weekend for the annual Tour de Corn bike ride. Just over 20 dear friends rented a hunting lodge to spend the weekend together hanging out, riding bikes, enjoying the festivities, and eating. So much eating.

We loaded up the car with bikes and gear, and this guy:


Yep, he was in for yet another road trip, and didn’t seem too disappointed. In fact, he really enjoyed the time with new people. He SAGed on Saturday during the bike ride, enjoyed popcorn chicken at lunch, and spent the evening getting scritches from many new friends.


Things get silly at the lodge every year. I am an observer, but many of my friends are quite extroverted, loud, goofy, and fun.

IMG_3378 IMG_3380

We just sat in the corner and laughed at all their antics:


Mitchell is a windy windy city, with wide open spaces which makes the biking quite difficult. We encounter these 20-30 mph sustained winds every time we go up there. But, rather than grind us down, it makes us help each other out, and appreciate the tailwind when we can. Here’s a bunch of us at 35 miles into a 50 mile ride.


Saturday evening brought so much food. When this group gets together, each person brings enough food for 8 people. The amount of food is always completely astounding. I can’t even begin to tell you how much food was available. And after 50 windy miles by bike, no one felt too guilty about consuming their fill.


Coco Dog had a great time wandering around under the long lodge table looking for scraps and scritches. I’d say we all had a fabulous weekend.

As it turns out, this was our last weekend with the old dog, succumbing to an autoimmune disease, he passed away early Monday morning. So rather than share more crafting pictures, I leave you with a few photos of the soul we are missing so much.

08-family-220 08-family-218 08-family-219 08-family-217

Light on playfulness and heavy on loyalty and companionship, full of goodness and a generous splash of weird. Our home and hearts are emptier without your funny muskrat face.

Like Christmas

Seems fitting that I recently finished up two Christmas Stockings since this past weekend was the day I look forward to all year as if it were Christmas.

All year I wait for the open house of my favorite motorbike shop. The shop is in the middle of nowhere, but they always have a great turnout. There’s a bike show, demo rides, free lunch, and the shop itself is always fun with it’s back room of vintage bikes all packed in side by side. Just so much to see!


I am really unsure of what would happen if it were bad weather on that particular date. I’d be crazy disappointed. This year, Mr. Ink and I went to the open house with a very good friend of ours who we bike with regularly. We started the day off with breakfast at Denny’s in town, and then began a nice long and scenic ride out to Marne, Iowa. We got there pretty early, which is necessary to get all the demo riding in that we wanted. I rode a Triumph Thruxton and a Royal Enfield Continental GT. The Thruxton rode like a Triumph does, absolutely flawlessly. But, it does not match my desire for a smaller bike. The R.E. matched my needs and was a ton of fun, but not worth the price in my opinion. However, the R.E. did give me the biggest giggles during demo rides, as it has a fabulous little backfire pop on deceleration.

We saw some amazing bikes at the show as well, I fell in love with this vintage Ducati. Great colors, fabulous styling, I thought it was quite wonderful.


Mr. Ink took pictures of this BSA, which was also lovely but I feel he may have a specific reason for his pictures, and I failed to ask.


All around great day, and we had amazing weather as well. On the ride home, I was riding the vintage Yamaha which is my current favorite to ride, and I realized it already had almost everything I wanted in a bike. It’s nice to demo other bikes, but really fun when you realize you also don’t necessarily want a change very badly. We stopped at a local winery on the way home and chatted over our experiences, had a snack, and discussed a route home.


These two, truly two of my favorite people. 🙂

Once home, Miss Bug got home from her dad’s house, and Mr. Ink decided what we really should do is bring out the slip n slide.


And that’s how our weekend ended. Two adults and one kid running, jumping, and splashing in the water. It was one amazing and relaxing day. A top 5 of the year!

And what do I have on my needles? I guess I should mention. A sock for Miss Bug. I can no longer remember the yarn brand or type, the ball bands are long gone. But, it’s sock yarn, and  it’s thin, so even with the regular 64 stitches, on smaller needles these are quite small. This is great, since Miss Bug has long but slender feet. I’ve made her a short row heel this time in hopes that she’ll appreciate it. She can be highly picky about socks.


After work lunch today I’ll need to try them on her to see how much farther I need to knit. Shouldn’t be too far!I might even do a short row toe and a long kitchener rather than a typical toe, we’ll see how that goes.

One Wasn’t Enough

I saw some cute, easy, crocheted flowers used as coasters on Instagram recently. When I got to thinking about them, I thought it might be a way to use up some of my all time favorite handspun, seeing as I couldn’t figure out any other project for it.

The yarn was from a chain ply 6 ply. Meaning, I held two strands of singles together while chain plying them. It was ridiculously fun, and it was a great way to blend a large variety of colors. In this case, it was colors from 4 different sets of rolags, all with different colors.


So, I made one small coaster,


And I liked it so well I had to make another immediately.


And then, the yarn was gone and I was a little sad. But I do like my coasters!

Stocking #22

I have now knit this pattern 22 times. I do hope this is the last time I will have to knit it this year.


However, it seems like this particular time turned out particularly nice. I am not sure why, it may simply be because this is my favorite color combination.

In any case, it’s done for another year or so. I only have, technically, 4 projects on needles now, thought I’d like to get started on some August socks. 2 projects are partly finished sweaters from last year. It would be really nice if I could get those done! We’ll see how inspiration hits.

A Finished Shawlette

Awhile back I decided to do another So I Gathered shawlette out of handspun made from rolags from The Dyeing Arts. I picked the rolags up at a local show, and it didn’t take me long to get started on them, they were so beautiful.


I ended up with over 400 yards of 2 ply yarn.


I love yellow, if I had to pick a favorite color, yellow is probably it. So between the yellow color and the silk content, I was eager to knit with it.


Basically I just knit until I ran out of yarn, there’s a ruffle on the edge that technically shouldn’t be there, but I added it because I couldn’t manage to do another decrease/ruched section with the yarn I had left, and I really wanted to use up as much as possible. Which I did!

I can’t wait to wear this one, even though that will mean cooler weather.

In other news, Miss Bug seems to be adjusting to her new school quite well, but as with any transition, is a bit needy in the evenings. First it was bathroom cleaning with mom, and last evening it was lego playing while I spun and listened to the tales she spun about her legos. 🙂


Around here, legos are always the comfort toy.

Walking to School


Yesterday dawned bright and beautiful for Bug’s first day of school. We walked, because Bug has never been anything other than a walker, so why should this change now? According to all reports, day 1 went quite well, and she seems to think she’ll fit in just fine in the new school. Also, lunch is quite good, so she thinks she’ll also eat breakfast there.

I did a bit of spinning, 50% silk, 50% merino, and it shows the silk for sure!


It’s also spinning like an absolute dream. Fast, smooth, sleek, beautiful! I can’t wait to see this one finished!

I had taken the day off to walk Miss Bug to and from school. She got out early the first day, so we were able to get a ton of errands done, and I was also able to deep clean the kitchen. Once that was done, Miss Bug seemed a little bored, so I asked if she’d help me clean the bathroom. She did so, and that got a deep cleaning too. It was great! An extremely productive mid week day off!

A Little Different

First off, let’s talk about Miss Bug’s very metal day. She’d expressed this month that she has finally worked up the courage to get her ears pierced. While it’s not a concept I’ve pushed, she has regularly told me that she is too anxious to get it done. When she told me she was ready earlier this month, I told her OK, and let it go to see where she was with it in a week or so. This time, she has pushed for it, and decided that she really wants it done, and soon, before she loses her courage.

Yesterday she had an orthodontist appointment. The addition of braces to her tooth regimen have straightened out her front teeth completely, so this time the orthodontist added what he calls a power chain to the front of her teeth. This is to move them all together in the front of her mouth. He also has expressed quite a bit of interest in getting about 3 bottom teeth to loosen up enough to fall out. So, he manually worked on those bottom loose teeth, which really ended up feeling uncomfortable for her.

She walked out of the appointment feeling a bit out of sorts, but was insistent that we also get her ears pierced. I told her “After the pain of braces adjustments you also want to go through the pain of pierced ears? ARE YOU SURE?!?!” She was sure. So, off we went to my favorite shop (I refuse to have this process done with a piercing gun) for her pierced ear birthday present.


Here she is before the process with Courage, the lion. She seemed to think it was a little dumb, the idea that the shop would provide a stuffed animal. But she took it anyhow and did seem to be pleased she had something to hang on to. Now, the gal who does my body piercings was in. She’s sweet, kind, and young. I knew Miss Bug would like her immediately. That’s exactly what happened. Bug sat through the process silently and very still, without a word of complaint. And in the end, she had some beautiful hoops to show for it.


I need to grab a different photo, since it’s really hard to see them. I shouldn’t have tried to get both in one picture.

We headed home after that, as she seemed quite ready to be in her own space. And then she perked right up for the rest of the evening.

I got to spend some time riding bikes with girlfriends, which was wonderful, while Mr. Ink took care of Bug and got some weed spraying done. All in all a beautiful evening.

I have some new handspun yarn to show off! This is 320 yards of 2 ply sport weight yarn. It’s black BFL from BMFA, and I just love how it plied up!


It is very very bouncy, and I can’t wait to get some spinning time with it’s corresponding merino/silk fiber!

One is never enough

It seems like for me, when I knit Christmas Stockings, one is never enough. It’s unfortunate, because I think my tolerance is about one a year. But, this one is going to a very dear friend. It’s a so not secret birthday christmas stocking.


I started it right after vacation and it seems to be moving along at a fairly good clip. And, in all honesty, a lot less painful than anticipated. I am decreasing the gussets now, and that always strikes me as a moment when I know it’s going to be done quite soon.

I also think that the white/burgundy color combination is one I love so much that I find it easier on the eyes than most stockings. It’s my favorite. So classic, so pretty.

I also took an opportunity to do a little spinning over the weekend. I’d been working on some BMFA fiber, a braid of black BFL and a braid of merino/silk. Same colorway, different fibers.


I worked on the black BFL prior to vacation, and ended up with about half of the fiber left to spin into singles. After working on it on Friday evening while hanging out with Miss Bug, I had just a tiny portion, which was finished on Saturday. I then began plying, and by Sunday morning I was looking at a fairly full bobbin.


This yarn IS now done, but it is still drying, hence the lack of a finished photo. I’ll try to get one for tomorrow. I always forget how just increasing the size of the single eats up fiber so much faster. I absolutely adored this spin!

And So It Goes

I didn’t finish the stocking on the trip, but I did sit down at work and finish the toe my first day back. Then, I wove in ends that evening, even though I was feeling very lethargic after my first day back at work. I figured I could at least put the final finishing touches on it.


It turned out ok! There are mistakes this round. Ones I wasn’t willing to go back and fix. I am sure my cousin, who will be receiving this stocking #21 for his daughter, won’t bother to look that close despite being a knitter himself.

I immediately started on the second stocking of this year. Because it’s needed soon, and because I might as well get it off my plate. And mostly, because it’s part of my July socks set, and we are already way past July.

Vacation, the Return

Another two full days in the car, this time with an 11 year old.


Coc didn’t know if he should sleep, or beg. So he’d do both. On day 1, she doted on him. I’d turn around to check on them, and her hand would be buried in his fur. Very cute. By day 2, she was picking on him, just like a sibling.

We decided to have breakfast with my family the morning we left, so we didn’t immediately leave in the morning. We also had to pack up. You see, part of the point of this trip was for me to pick up my grandmother’s mid century stoneware. Well, we had a little trouble fitting it all in the car, I had no idea there was so much. But, it also goes perfectly in our mid century home, so beyond having sentimental value, it was just a good decision to have it.


Since we got a late start, we decided to stop in Ohio again, around Toledo. We’d do the longest haul on day 2. And because we had an 11 year old in the car, we decided to get a hotel with a pool.


I finished a heel, turned it, and picked up gussets in PA, a great start. Then I drove most of Ohio.

At our hotel, we enjoyed our pool time, and a dinner at a regular restaurant since we could leave the dog at the hotel. Prior to this, we’d been only eating outdoors with our fast food so he wouldn’t have to be stuck in a car. I also think the pool helped us burn off a bunch of excess energy, and that made day 2 a little bit better.

I drove Indiana, since I like Indiana, and then got stuck with a detour because i80 was closed right before we hit Illinois. I HATE driving Illinois, so I got off as soon as possible, and let Mr. Ink drive it. Now, he actually lived in the Chicago area for a time. So, while I drive that area with both white knuckled hands clenched on the steering wheel with my nose right above them, Mr. Ink drives with one hand, relaxed, and snacking on popcorn. It’s a relief to let him have the wheel.

My big consolation in this is that I am, apparently, still REALLY good at driving around the philly area, and the one time I let Mr. Ink take the wheel both he and I were uncomfortable. So, I did do my part!

In Illinois I got a little more knitting done:


In fact, that’s the start of a toe. But, again I gave up and put my knitting away.

We were all getting a little sick of it, to be honest.

IMG_3321 IMG_3333

Here’s where the funny stuff started. We were in Iowa, with less than 2 hours left. Miss Bug had been picking on Coco all day like a little sibling. So, at this point, Coco starts to retaliate. He would repeatedly stick his nose up where she had her portable DVD player going, and push it onto her lap. First time we might have thought it a fluke, but it happened over, and over, and over until she found a new place for that dvd player. Classic!

Once we were home, with no prompting whatsoever, this entire family unpacked the car completely without me ever having to nag at them to do so. I was able to immediately start the laundry, finish unpacking, and load the dishwasher with stoneware. Miss Bug went straight for her bedroom, which was in disarray from her busy summer before she left, and cleaned it while unpacking. And Mr. Ink went straight for the kitchen to figure out what to cook for dinner.

I’ll tell you what, there is NO WAY to have a family of easier travelers. I was so impressed with how no one was grumpy, complaining, whining, or getting frustrated with each other. We may have been a little over being in the car during the last 2 hours, but we were TRULY all having a good time. I can road trip with this family any day, and I fully intend to do so again.

Here’s the final stocking picture after the last bit I knit in Iowa.

Vacation Day 3-Philly

I lived in the Philadelphia area for a time, and as such, never really did the touristy things that Philly is known for. So, for our last vacation day, we decided that’s what we’d do.

Now, I had a friend visiting me all weekend. She moved out to the east coast a few years ago, and so we try to get together when we can. She’s from France originally, but just got US citizenship. So, she, Mr. Ink, Bug, and I headed off via train into the city for the day.

Now first I must tell you, all weekend everyone had been telling us how sorry they were about the heat, and how disappointed we must be about it being such a hot weekend. It was rather amusing to us, as NE heat and humidity is so so much worse. It felt quite pleasant to us. Our day in Philly was around 90F, but there wasn’t much humidity, and there was a fine breeze blowing. Quite frankly, it was the type of day that Mr. Ink and I would spend outside all day given half the chance. So we were quite comfortable as long as we could have water and cool back down from time to time.

Our first stop was Reading Terminal Market. It was a Sunday, so we knew that all the PA Dutch vendors wouldn’t be there, but there was still plenty to be overwhelmed with. Christelle and I had the traditional cheesesteaks created by a man who looked so quintessentially philly that it made me laugh. Vaguely irish looking, vaguely redhead, tattoos, typical blue collar worker look. He could have been a caricature. At the rate he was producing the meat for the cheesesteaks, I had to be impressed with his stamina and can only imagine his forearms were very strong by this point.


Mr. Ink decided on a pork sandwich he’d recently read about on one of his favorite bloggers sites. It had a lovely spinach topping, and did look quite tasty.


Before we left, Christelle and I decided to fortify with an iced coffee. Miss Bug, of course, wanted a hot chocolate, and Mr. Ink snuck off for a cookie. I caught this shot of them while they were waiting for us.


We then walked down through china town and out to independence hall area.


We stopped to see the Liberty Bell, which had extra meaning for Christelle. I don’t think I grabbed any shots there, as it was very crowded. Then, we caught the Phlash bus and rode it up to the art museum.


It amused me greatly when the bus said “Next stop, Rocky stairs!” I mean, here you have an art museum building that’s been around since 1876, but it’s now known as the Rocky stairs? How did that become a thing?!  In any case, we did do a few videos of stair running. Yes, in the heat. And then we stopped and dipped our toes in the fountain at the top.


We took a nice long walk down to the river behind the museum, watched some roller skating dancers perform, and then headed back to catch the Phlash bus again.

Our next stop was Love park, where we really just stopped for a photo opportunity.


At this point, the adults had already decided it was time for a beer. When Miss Bug piped up “I feel angry. And, I don’t know WHY I feel angry, which just makes me angrier.” So, we found that beer stat, and treated her to some ice cream.


This cleared up the anger problem quite fast. After a train ride home, it was leftovers with the family. And I snapped a very cute photo of my nephew who steals the show each time.


We just love that kid!

Tomorrow, the return trip and the return of a stocking.

Vacation day 2, NJ

Miss Bug decided to stay with us at the hotel the night of her birthday party, so we set up an air mattress for her. Despite the fact that the old dog, Coco, never ever hops up onto anything and is really quite strictly a floor dog, he decided the air mattress was the way to go.


Every opportunity he had he was on that air mattress. Miss Bug decided to stay with her grandparents from that point forward so he did have a good night’s sleep on it. Then, on our return trip I began filling the air mattress at the hotel in Ohio, and he was on that mattress before I was even done filling it. Miss Bug has always wanted Coco to sleep with her, and that night, he did. Sleeping first at the bottom of her bed, but sometimes walking up to lick her face. They really missed each other.

My brother and his wife just moved into a new home in NJ. We were eager to see the home, so we packed everyone up into the van, including our dog, and traveled to see them in NJ.

Nothing of real note was planned for the day except that Mr. Ink and I would make dinner. We ended up playing a round of Munchkin, and taking a walk to a local park. It was quite a relaxing day really.


My 18 month old nephew was really the star of the show. We’d brought this train set that Miss Bug has really outgrown to him in order that he could enjoy it as much as she did. He’s a little young for it. Miss Bug was having a hard time getting rid of it, as she does, technically, still play with it from time to time. But, it was time. Seeing him enjoy it was exactly the motivation she needed to let it go. Even though I was emotional about letting it go as well.


He really was a cutie, that little boy. We enjoyed him immensely. Lots of laughter and no crying whatsoever. He’s so well behaved, and so sweet. And his brain is always working so hard to figure everything out. It’s great fun!

The other fun thing that happened was that my brother saw my spider tattoo for the first time. He lifted up my arm, looked at it, and said “Come outside! Come outside right now!” And sure enough, he had, in his garden, the perfect specimen.


I got this photo in selfie mode, as this spider was facing a fence. She was completely unconcerned with my presence and how close I was getting to her. She’s SO insanely beautiful I can barely stand it.

I grabbed a photo of her underside as well, equally beautiful!


I love how this one shows off her very distinctive orb weaver pattern in her web.

For reference, here’s my arm:


Next up, a day in Philadelphia as the tourist I never got to be.

Vacation, Ott’s Greenhouse and a Cake


We went to Ott’s Greenhouse on day one of our vacation. They specialize in wholesale exotic plants and a trip there is great fun to me. Since Mr. Ink also seems to enjoy plants, I figured he’d get a kick out of it too. Indeed he did.


Ott’s has plants/trees that have been growing there for years, a waterfall and pool, tunnels, and all sorts of wonderful things to explore.

IMG_3251 IMG_3253


We really did spend a lot of time there, and enjoyed it immensely. Not much else to say so I’ll photo dump.

IMG_3266  IMG_3265   IMG_3256   IMG_3261


Bug wanted me to take a picture of these small cactus gardens which she called fairy gardens.

IMG_3263  IMG_3262

Outside of Ott’s is a huge mound which, in the fall, is completely covered in mums. That’s not the case right now, but we still went through the tunnel and up on the hill.

IMG_3272 IMG_3270 IMG_3269

Upon our return from Ott’s, Miss Bug had a birthday party with the neighborhood kids. She’d decided to save cake until we arrived. The neighborhood kids came over, as well as some of my parent’s friends. Miss Bug had decided she wanted a lego cake this year, and had brought legos in order for that to happen. My mom and Miss Bug spent loads of time creating and planning their lego cake. And it was absolutely lovely!

IMG_3280 IMG_3279 IMG_3278

Cake and ice cream was had, and we still have little white chocolate lego pieces in our fridge.


That wraps up day 1 of vacation!

Vacation-Stocking evolution

I do believe I’ll split this post up into multiples. It’ll be a little knitting, and a little vacation photos and stories.

First of all, I figured that I could get two stockings done during vacation. And, since we drove from NE to PA, I figured I’d post a photo per state. Keep in mind that I did half of the driving.



We loaded up the dog and our luggage into the car to drive out to PA to visit my family. I took some nice toys that Miss Bug has outgrown back for my nephew, and intended to pick up some stoneware from my grandmother’s estate. She’s been gone for more than 3 years now, so it was time to collect my items.



I drove through most of IA, so I didn’t really get very far on the stocking there. But I didn’t drive in IL at all, so the stocking saw a bunch of progress there.

We’d also take turns bringing the old dog up front so he could look out the window. I had him take a selfie or two.

IMG_3242 IMG_3241

He really seemed to be enjoying himself! He doesn’t mind the car at all, and was very relaxed the entire trip.

There are no pictures from Indiana, because I drove that state. But I do have a story! In Indiana, I walked into a restaurant bathroom, set my phone on the back of a toilet, and it promptly fell into the bowl. I fished it out quickly, and used the hand dryer on it. But, since that evening’s hotel info as well as the rest of the trip hotel info was in there, I ran back outside and told Mr. Ink that we had better get the info out of the phone immediately because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to work.

The phone then proceeded to get very ill. It refused to hold a charge, it wouldn’t charge, then it would change for a bit, but would lose that charge very quickly. The buttons would sometimes work and sometimes not. Siri would turn on at random times. I set it to charge at the hotel outside Toledo Ohio, and in the middle of the night, Siri woke us up talking to us randomly, with no way to shut her off or shut down the phone. The next day Siri had quit, I could still pull up info, but the home button didn’t work, so I’d have to shut the phone off and restart it if I wanted to use a different application. Then suddenly midday, it began working again. And, besides the fact that it doesn’t hold a charge as long as it used to, and using the charger is a bit more complicated, the phone is back to normal.

I’ve decided this is the phone that will not die. I thought I’d get a new one before we left on this trip, but due to the sick dog vet bills, I held off. And then decided I’d let this one die before I get a new one. I guess on the upside, I’d have been gutted if I’d dumped a brand new phone into a toilet in Indiana.


This is how far I got in Ohio. My goal was to make it down the leg of the stocking. I managed that.


And this is PA. At this point, I got very sick of knitting, and drove the remainder of the trip.

Stay tuned for vacation pictures this week, and the second installment of stocking evolution.