Vacation, the Return

Another two full days in the car, this time with an 11 year old.


Coc didn’t know if he should sleep, or beg. So he’d do both. On day 1, she doted on him. I’d turn around to check on them, and her hand would be buried in his fur. Very cute. By day 2, she was picking on him, just like a sibling.

We decided to have breakfast with my family the morning we left, so we didn’t immediately leave in the morning. We also had to pack up. You see, part of the point of this trip was for me to pick up my grandmother’s mid century stoneware. Well, we had a little trouble fitting it all in the car, I had no idea there was so much. But, it also goes perfectly in our mid century home, so beyond having sentimental value, it was just a good decision to have it.


Since we got a late start, we decided to stop in Ohio again, around Toledo. We’d do the longest haul on day 2. And because we had an 11 year old in the car, we decided to get a hotel with a pool.


I finished a heel, turned it, and picked up gussets in PA, a great start. Then I drove most of Ohio.

At our hotel, we enjoyed our pool time, and a dinner at a regular restaurant since we could leave the dog at the hotel. Prior to this, we’d been only eating outdoors with our fast food so he wouldn’t have to be stuck in a car. I also think the pool helped us burn off a bunch of excess energy, and that made day 2 a little bit better.

I drove Indiana, since I like Indiana, and then got stuck with a detour because i80 was closed right before we hit Illinois. I HATE driving Illinois, so I got off as soon as possible, and let Mr. Ink drive it. Now, he actually lived in the Chicago area for a time. So, while I drive that area with both white knuckled hands clenched on the steering wheel with my nose right above them, Mr. Ink drives with one hand, relaxed, and snacking on popcorn. It’s a relief to let him have the wheel.

My big consolation in this is that I am, apparently, still REALLY good at driving around the philly area, and the one time I let Mr. Ink take the wheel both he and I were uncomfortable. So, I did do my part!

In Illinois I got a little more knitting done:


In fact, that’s the start of a toe. But, again I gave up and put my knitting away.

We were all getting a little sick of it, to be honest.

IMG_3321 IMG_3333

Here’s where the funny stuff started. We were in Iowa, with less than 2 hours left. Miss Bug had been picking on Coco all day like a little sibling. So, at this point, Coco starts to retaliate. He would repeatedly stick his nose up where she had her portable DVD player going, and push it onto her lap. First time we might have thought it a fluke, but it happened over, and over, and over until she found a new place for that dvd player. Classic!

Once we were home, with no prompting whatsoever, this entire family unpacked the car completely without me ever having to nag at them to do so. I was able to immediately start the laundry, finish unpacking, and load the dishwasher with stoneware. Miss Bug went straight for her bedroom, which was in disarray from her busy summer before she left, and cleaned it while unpacking. And Mr. Ink went straight for the kitchen to figure out what to cook for dinner.

I’ll tell you what, there is NO WAY to have a family of easier travelers. I was so impressed with how no one was grumpy, complaining, whining, or getting frustrated with each other. We may have been a little over being in the car during the last 2 hours, but we were TRULY all having a good time. I can road trip with this family any day, and I fully intend to do so again.

Here’s the final stocking picture after the last bit I knit in Iowa.

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