One is never enough

It seems like for me, when I knit Christmas Stockings, one is never enough. It’s unfortunate, because I think my tolerance is about one a year. But, this one is going to a very dear friend. It’s a so not secret birthday christmas stocking.


I started it right after vacation and it seems to be moving along at a fairly good clip. And, in all honesty, a lot less painful than anticipated. I am decreasing the gussets now, and that always strikes me as a moment when I know it’s going to be done quite soon.

I also think that the white/burgundy color combination is one I love so much that I find it easier on the eyes than most stockings. It’s my favorite. So classic, so pretty.

I also took an opportunity to do a little spinning over the weekend. I’d been working on some BMFA fiber, a braid of black BFL and a braid of merino/silk. Same colorway, different fibers.


I worked on the black BFL prior to vacation, and ended up with about half of the fiber left to spin into singles. After working on it on Friday evening while hanging out with Miss Bug, I had just a tiny portion, which was finished on Saturday. I then began plying, and by Sunday morning I was looking at a fairly full bobbin.


This yarn IS now done, but it is still drying, hence the lack of a finished photo. I’ll try to get one for tomorrow. I always forget how just increasing the size of the single eats up fiber so much faster. I absolutely adored this spin!

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