A Little Different

First off, let’s talk about Miss Bug’s very metal day. She’d expressed this month that she has finally worked up the courage to get her ears pierced. While it’s not a concept I’ve pushed, she has regularly told me that she is too anxious to get it done. When she told me she was ready earlier this month, I told her OK, and let it go to see where she was with it in a week or so. This time, she has pushed for it, and decided that she really wants it done, and soon, before she loses her courage.

Yesterday she had an orthodontist appointment. The addition of braces to her tooth regimen have straightened out her front teeth completely, so this time the orthodontist added what he calls a power chain to the front of her teeth. This is to move them all together in the front of her mouth. He also has expressed quite a bit of interest in getting about 3 bottom teeth to loosen up enough to fall out. So, he manually worked on those bottom loose teeth, which really ended up feeling uncomfortable for her.

She walked out of the appointment feeling a bit out of sorts, but was insistent that we also get her ears pierced. I told her “After the pain of braces adjustments you also want to go through the pain of pierced ears? ARE YOU SURE?!?!” She was sure. So, off we went to my favorite shop (I refuse to have this process done with a piercing gun) for her pierced ear birthday present.


Here she is before the process with Courage, the lion. She seemed to think it was a little dumb, the idea that the shop would provide a stuffed animal. But she took it anyhow and did seem to be pleased she had something to hang on to. Now, the gal who does my body piercings was in. She’s sweet, kind, and young. I knew Miss Bug would like her immediately. That’s exactly what happened. Bug sat through the process silently and very still, without a word of complaint. And in the end, she had some beautiful hoops to show for it.


I need to grab a different photo, since it’s really hard to see them. I shouldn’t have tried to get both in one picture.

We headed home after that, as she seemed quite ready to be in her own space. And then she perked right up for the rest of the evening.

I got to spend some time riding bikes with girlfriends, which was wonderful, while Mr. Ink took care of Bug and got some weed spraying done. All in all a beautiful evening.

I have some new handspun yarn to show off! This is 320 yards of 2 ply sport weight yarn. It’s black BFL from BMFA, and I just love how it plied up!


It is very very bouncy, and I can’t wait to get some spinning time with it’s corresponding merino/silk fiber!

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