Like Christmas

Seems fitting that I recently finished up two Christmas Stockings since this past weekend was the day I look forward to all year as if it were Christmas.

All year I wait for the open house of my favorite motorbike shop. The shop is in the middle of nowhere, but they always have a great turnout. There’s a bike show, demo rides, free lunch, and the shop itself is always fun with it’s back room of vintage bikes all packed in side by side. Just so much to see!


I am really unsure of what would happen if it were bad weather on that particular date. I’d be crazy disappointed. This year, Mr. Ink and I went to the open house with a very good friend of ours who we bike with regularly. We started the day off with breakfast at Denny’s in town, and then began a nice long and scenic ride out to Marne, Iowa. We got there pretty early, which is necessary to get all the demo riding in that we wanted. I rode a Triumph Thruxton and a Royal Enfield Continental GT. The Thruxton rode like a Triumph does, absolutely flawlessly. But, it does not match my desire for a smaller bike. The R.E. matched my needs and was a ton of fun, but not worth the price in my opinion. However, the R.E. did give me the biggest giggles during demo rides, as it has a fabulous little backfire pop on deceleration.

We saw some amazing bikes at the show as well, I fell in love with this vintage Ducati. Great colors, fabulous styling, I thought it was quite wonderful.


Mr. Ink took pictures of this BSA, which was also lovely but I feel he may have a specific reason for his pictures, and I failed to ask.


All around great day, and we had amazing weather as well. On the ride home, I was riding the vintage Yamaha which is my current favorite to ride, and I realized it already had almost everything I wanted in a bike. It’s nice to demo other bikes, but really fun when you realize you also don’t necessarily want a change very badly. We stopped at a local winery on the way home and chatted over our experiences, had a snack, and discussed a route home.


These two, truly two of my favorite people. 🙂

Once home, Miss Bug got home from her dad’s house, and Mr. Ink decided what we really should do is bring out the slip n slide.


And that’s how our weekend ended. Two adults and one kid running, jumping, and splashing in the water. It was one amazing and relaxing day. A top 5 of the year!

And what do I have on my needles? I guess I should mention. A sock for Miss Bug. I can no longer remember the yarn brand or type, the ball bands are long gone. But, it’s sock yarn, and  it’s thin, so even with the regular 64 stitches, on smaller needles these are quite small. This is great, since Miss Bug has long but slender feet. I’ve made her a short row heel this time in hopes that she’ll appreciate it. She can be highly picky about socks.


After work lunch today I’ll need to try them on her to see how much farther I need to knit. Shouldn’t be too far!I might even do a short row toe and a long kitchener rather than a typical toe, we’ll see how that goes.

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