Regularly Scheduled

Despite our family upset, I do have some nice things to show off. While we were headed to South Dakota, I wound some of Marja’s handspun yarn into a ball. I had intended to start knitting it immediately, but then got caught up in driving and decided to wait.

On Saturday evening, after the bike ride, I pulled out the yarn and cast on. I am knitting another Nahant scarf, which will go back to Marja in return for some of her handspun yarn for me.


I am using size 5 needles I believe, the yarn is lightweight, made from Inglenook batts. It has fabulous little pops of colors here and there, very tweedy. This scarf won’t have huge color changes like my last nahant, but I think it will end up looking quite elegant instead. And, as is usual for me, this is just the kind of lace knitting that I adore. Simple, almost like knitting stockinette. Very repetitive, and exactly what I need right now.

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