We are headed out camping this weekend. It should be a lovely relaxing time with a few friends. Last weekend was manic, this weekend should be the opposite. We try to get in at least one camping trip per year, usually quite a bit earlier in the year, but we’ve fallen behind this year.

Mr. Ink originally thought he’d only want to camp one night. I decided both nights were better for Miss Bug and me, and prepared for that. But, as it turns out, now that we are insisting on 2 nights, Mr. Ink has decided that is a good idea as well.

Last evening I decided to get some plying done in between menu prep for the trip and gathering gear. I find that if I sit down at the wheel when I can no longer think of anything else to write on my list, I’ll soon think of another thing that needs to go on the list.


And so, there was a good deal of thinking and plying. Very effective in getting both planning and yarn completed.

This is the BMFA merino/silk blend that I’ve been working on for awhile. It’s really quite lovely, and so shiny. I can’t wait to see it done and side by side it’s black BFL counterpart!

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