The other day I made some easy crocheted coasters. As it turns out, they were a hot item. Mr. Ink’s brother wanted a set, so I asked him to trust me on yarn choices, and whipped him up a set of 8 coasters.


I am not sure what the yarn was, but it was something that had long color changes, and it looked to be a single ply about sport weight. These turned out nice, I like how they aren’t all matching, but coordinate beautifully.

We all know I am not much of a crocheter, but I will admit that I’ve been seeing a number of crochet projects around the blogosphere that have appealed to me, so brushing up on my skills with a simple project is absolutely in order.

4 thoughts on “Coasters

    • Hah! I have a coworker who has 3 cats. Every year I knit her a little something for her christmas tree. And every year she’s embarrassed to tell me it has become a cat toy. To which I always say “They’ll get more use and fun out of it than you would having it on a tree. I hope they enjoy!”

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