2 More Sets

As of right now, I am supposed to be off on another bicycle adventure. Unfortunately, I have come down with a cold. So, my 2 day adventure will be starting late, and not involving much cycling. Instead, I am resting and getting prepared for it, and also taking pictures of my latest completed project.

I did another two sets of coasters. One set is in the same yarn as the first set, and the other is in a different yarn. I don’t know what either of these yarns are, as they have been in my stash for quite awhile, and, I don’t think I was the original purchaser either. Meaning, I got them out of a friends stash when she was downsizing.


The middle ones are the different yarn. It doesn’t have long color transitions, but I admit that I almost like them better than the long transitioning yarn.

This week has been rough. Not only has work been insanely busy with projects that are completely new to me, I suspect I’ve been coming down with this cold for awhile, as I was struggling to stay awake in the evenings, despite having a full schedule of parent meetings and obligations. I am really glad the week is over, and thus had really been looking forward to getting out of town for our bike adventure. Until it could no longer be denied that a cold was taking me out.

That being said, I still plan to go, so look for fun pictures next week. In the meantime, I’ll post a few in progress shots of crafting throughout the weekend.