Nahant the Next

Miss Marja decided that she would like me to make her a Nahant scarf out of her handspun yarn. It was such a pleasurable project the first time around that I eagerly agreed.

The handspun is an inglenook batt set, and the transitions aren’t dramatic, but instead tweedy with small pops of color. Very pretty!


I’d have to say I am about halfway done with this project, though I didn’t really weigh the yarn yet. This one is also going to be a stunner once it is blocked. If you haven’t tried this pattern yet, go do it!


My current spinning project is a loop! bump. I actually tore this one in half so I could do a thicker two ply yarn. It’s coming along quite quickly really, as I sit down with it in the short spare moments.


As is always the case, loop! bumps spin so nicely with low twist.


I love their light and airy nature, especially after finishing.


Moving out of the blue and into a navy, next up? Turquoise.