Embarking on a Journey

I’ve long wanted to create a collapse weave scarf out of handspun. I even spun for it awhile back, but didn’t get much further than that.

With my latest wall hanging off the loom, and no specific project on my wheel, I decided it’s time to work on that collapse weave. I took all the singles I’d spun and ran them through the wheel again to add more twist.

Then, I wound the yarn on my warping board.


I ended up running out of singles of the colors I had started with, and then decided just to add more color. There’s no real reason not to! I am using a frabjous fibers 3 feet of sheep kit after all, I’ve got more than enough color to work with!

This morning I took the singles I spun for the weft, which are slightly thicker than those for the warp, and began adding more twist to them. I am almost done, and positive I’ll finish tonight after work.

This weekend I’ll have to find a way to make some sizing and put that on the warp yarn. I figured I’d wait unto the weekend so that I can do this outdoors, saving a mess inside.

Stay tuned, I am pretty excited about this project and plan to update you regularly!