Weave Update

I learned a few lessons with my gelatin sizing project.

#1. Be sure to get as much excess sizing off the warp as possible, as excess sizing makes a nasty sticky mess, and is hard on the singles.

#2. Save a portion of the sizing for later use, only toss after weaving is complete.

This should help you deduce what happened, but I’ll tell you anyhow. I had a nasty sticky section, and when I tried to pull it apart, I ended up breaking two of the warp threads. So, I quickly put two more on my warping board, but then didn’t have any gelatin sizing left since Miss Bug had used it all to play with. I quickly looked up other options, and noticed that some people use cheap hairspray. So, I decided that was a quick and easy option worth a try.

I spent part of last evening and part of today on warping the loom. I recently made some changes in my loom room, one of the changes being removing an area rug that kept getting in my way. I now have only the hardwood floor in there, and since all the furniture is on floor protectors, it’s easy to move it around. This means I can get to the back of my loom as simply as I can get to the front of it.


I just move the table around, and slip my chair back there and I am all set. I love that!

I just finished tying one end of the warp to the loom. I now need to do the same with the front, but I figured I’d take a quick break. It’s looking pretty good at the moment!

I also prepared some of the weft singles, getting them onto bobbins and ready to go. Once the warping is complete, it should all go quite quickly!


Another update from the weekend, Mr. Ink decided to start customizing my motorbike. He got a seat cover for it, and then created a custom triumph logo piece for it. I think it looks great!


We took a ride after he put it on the bike, and he’s decided it makes the bike go faster. 🙂 Also, he’d like me to note that this is only the beginning of the customizing of this bike. So you’ll probably see more. But, since I tend to love riding his bike more than my own, I told him he wasn’t allowed to customize this one any more until he makes the clutch easier to pull on his bike. Funny how quick that worked, he’s out in his garage right now with his bike torn apart. I hope it works!

A wonderful and relaxing weekend for us all, and so entirely needed. We got tons of housework done, additional organizing and finding spots for things that need spots done, a nice dirt ride on our bicycles, it really couldn’t have been more pleasant. I could use another day or two of this!

I bet you feel exactly the same.

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