Weaving Update

Last evening I sat at my loom until my project was done. I couldn’t resist this charming picture of yarn on the loom.


Just layer upon layer of gorgeous color!

I have learned a lot from this project thus far. In addition to the lessons I learned about sizing the warp with gelatin sizing, I also learned that if spacers are being used, you really must have all the spacers for the project. I kept reusing the original spacer, and this made the weft threads move when I was winding the loom. I had 3 warp threads break, but honestly that didn’t seem too bad considering that I was using very thin singles. And I managed those.

But, overall, my frustration toward the end of this project was high. Mr. Ink came into my loom room at one point, and I said “You know what my problem is? My problem is that I am not willing to put in the time doing the simple projects and learning all I can about them before I attempt the complicated projects.”

Mr Ink said “You know what? I bet no matter your frustration, people will love the final piece. And, I bet it will also turn out as you wish it to.”

Then he left to play pool with his friend, and I sat in my loom room weaving and cursing.

I finished. And pulled it off the loom.


Here’s what came off the loom before it’s bath. The weft threads were not sized, so those pull in, but the warp threads still have their sizing, so they are stiff and straw like.

I did put it in the bath, and here’s a spoiler alert. It looks great! I now need some decent weather so I can get photographs. But, autumn is coming in like a lion, with massive storms and high winds. And it’s dark. It’s been dark. No photographs yet!

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