Made Me Look.

I had to go back and look to figure out what the last thing I posted was. It’s been awhile!

First off, I should tell you that I finished Bug’s socks, which were to be my August pair of socks. But somehow I keep forgetting to have her put them on and get a photograph. Totally my fault! In part, I just don’t think they are all that interesting, and the color is gross. Hah! So, taking photos just isn’t high on my list of fun stuff to do.

But, of course I needed a September pair of socks. It’s taken me awhile to get to it, but at some point I saw this blog post about roositud knitting. It seems so rare now to find a technique I haven’t tried when it comes to knitting. So when I saw this and realized it had nothing at all to do with embroidery, I had to try it! I mean, how could I resist? This is the most excited I’ve been about knitting in ages.


And really, how on earth could that be any more charming?!

I was away this weekend on a bike camping trip. It was great fun, but I didn’t bother with pictures. There were about 50 of us in all and it was perfect weather.


Tried to get a photo of the old train derailment at the side of the creek, but didn’t get the angle or lighting quite right. It’s appeared on this blog before though, it’s always a favorite stop for me.

While I was away, Miss Bug did a glow color 5K, I am proud of her and it looks like she had a great time! I received this picture while I was camping:


I guess that’s a wrap for now! Hope everyone has had a great weekend, I can’t believe it got by me with no posts whatsoever!

5 thoughts on “Made Me Look.

    • It would be very easily adaptable for a hat! And I looked up other Roositud patterns on Ravelry, there are a few beautiful hat patterns already out there.

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