My Tuesday Evening

I mentioned to Mr. Ink early on that I intended for Tuesday evening to be a relaxing evening full of tidying the house (Yes, that’s relaxing) and crafting for me. He decided that he would like to make a nice dinner and kill weeds in the yard.

So, after quite a bit of tidying, most of it happening before Mr. Ink even came home, I got to work on a warp I am trying for my next weaving project. The warp is handspun from Miss Marja, and it’s quite lovely. Then I pulled out some of my own handspun 2 ply from a fleece I processed to use as a weft.

Well, the warping didn’t go so well. I need to remember to check before I start winding everything on to make sure I’ve got my warp correct. It wasn’t. It wasn’t correct repeatedly. I thought I’d gotten it, but I hadn’t.

Then, I got the thing wound on, only to realize I’d lost a warp thread (it decided it wasn’t strong enough for the weaving journey) and so I had to untie and move everything over yet again. I think at that point I wanted to give up. But, I also wanted to weave. So I took a break for Mr. Ink’s dinner.

One way I know the season is changing is that Mr. Ink starts making my favorite food. Homemade French Onion Soup. It’s really truly wonderful and if we could make it once a week, we probably would.


He’s such a good cook, and he also cooks so willingly. Sometimes I’ll allude to the fact that I should probably cook more often, and his response is “I don’t want you to HAVE to cook. You already do so much around here, you should not have to cook too.”

Though, once he starts adding herbs to the pot of soup, I generally jump in and add some more. 🙂

Thus fortified, I was able to finish warping the loom, and even got a tiny bit of weaving done. Here’s a preview of what this project will look like.


It’s so pretty, and I love the warm and cool colors playing together in the warp. So nice!