Plugging Away

I keep plugging away at my 3 feet of sheep spinning project. Often I am just working on it a little bit at a time, but on Wednesday I had the opportunity to have a few friends over to do some spinning with me. First opportunity in about 4 months. It’s been busy!


Last time I took a photo it was very red heavy, red and yellow in particular. Now it’s green and blue heavy. At the top of the photo you can see two green tones paired together, and now I am well into blue tones paired together.

When I look at it logically, I realize that I don’t actually have all that much left to do. There’s very little left in the large metal bowl I dumped all the fiber into, so I really am closing in on the end of this project. However, most of the time I keep thinking of Dory from Finding Nemo, and I repeat to myself “Just keep spinning, just keep spinning.”