A Full Weekend

I love a full but relaxing weekend so much! And that’s exactly what I got this weekend.

I finished a few things! First up, I finished my spinning project. I’d had leftover 3 feet of sheep fiber from my collapse weave scarf. I was sick of blocks of colors, so I decided to blend the colors together as I was spinning. This gave it an interesting overall look, with colors flowing into the next.

I ended up with 305 yards of worsted weight yarn, chain plied.


This was fun to chain ply as I’d already forgotten what colors were under the top colors.

As soon as the spinning project was done and washed, I went into the loom room and decided to stay there until my latest weaving project was done. Got that off the loom, washed, and out to dry.


The handspun warp on this one is Marja’s handspun, and the weft is mine, from a fleece I processed awhile back. I really like how it turned out, the random and long colors of the warp really feature all the color gifts handspun has to offer!

As soon as that was done, Mr. Ink and I took my new to me bike out for a dirt ride. You see, I’ve been borrowing this bike for awhile. It’s a MUCH better mountain bike than the one I was riding. But, since it was a friends bike, I didn’t get it all dialed in for my body. It is now my bike, as she has given up riding dirt. So, Mr. Ink and I worked on the suspension, adjusted the brakes, moved the handlebars, the grips, the shifting, etc. This meant that we did a lot of starting and stopping, as we would stop, I’d tell him what I wanted to do next, and he’d pull out his tools and make it happen.


The one thing in particular left to do is to get some better tires. But, it’s a fun bike to ride! 29 inch wheels, and a lot lighter than what I had before. (What I had before will be set up for winter riding, then go to Miss Bug in the spring, since she’s horrifyingly close to being tall enough to ride it.)

I love these three pictures in one post, because it really sums up who I am. (I suppose knitting and motorbikes need to be pictured as well.) It’s nice to have a weekend where I get to enjoy almost everything I love the most.

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