We are hosting a stop on a bike ride this evening, so my Monday evening was spent cleaning up the house. It was actually extremely pleasant, as Miss Bug is off to her outdoor education for 2 overnights, so she cannot follow along behind me and mess everything back up. Now, cleaning is basically my Favorite Thing in the new house. I find it endlessly blissful to clean a home that is my own and make it shine and sparkle. So it was an evening well spent. And while it is a favorite past time, it isn’t really blog worthy. Sorry! On the other hand, a clean home makes me more at ease, which in turn makes me feel more creative, so there’s that.

I did get an opportunity to wind the yarn for my next weaving project and get it on the warping board. That was quite pleasant as well. I used to find warping so tedious, but I think what made the difference for me was a good amount of space in the new home, and a comfortable place to put the board where I can sit and enjoy the process.


It was quite late when I got this done, so I must apologize for the not so wonderful photo. However, the tones are hot pink and gold, and I am sure there’s silk in there for the way the yarn shines nicely. It is, again, Marja’s handspun. This time I intend to pair it with commercial silk yarn as the weft. I think it’ll be quite lovely. But, as tonight is bike ride night, I doubt I’ll get to it until at least Wednesday.