Bad News

Well, that lovely brioche hat I worked on all day yesterday ended up with a mistake discovered a few rows later. I couldn’t live with the mistake, I tried to rip back, but ripping brioche stitch doesn’t really work, so I am pretty sure I’ll have to rip it all out and start again. I am not thrilled, but I do like the hat enough to try it again.

I don’t currently want to knit on it though, so instead I warped my loom and got started on a new project.


I am rather excited about this one, I tried warping from back to front this time and I much prefer that result. Very good stuff. I’ve only just begun on this project but I suspect it’ll go quickly once I get moving on it.

The good news? I did get an opportunity to use my new hedge trimmer yesterday, trimming at my burning bush until it looks far less bushy. The trouble is, I can’t even try to reach the top of it, so I am hoping Mr. Ink will work that part out. On the other hand, the bush is no longer touching my house, which was one of my main priorities.


I also cut out some dead branches on one side, so it just looks better all around.

I’ve got some additional hedges needing my attention, so I may put on some sensible shoes and try to get to them today. The hedge trimmer is rather fun!