Guys, I am ALMOST DONE! So close I can taste it now. Gusset decreases are done and I am just working my way down the foot. Good thing too, since I am a bit behind on my 12 pairs in a year goal.


To be honest, I am a little bit worried about running out of yarn. Thing is, the yarn I am using seems a bit thick, and due to the roositud pattern, there’s not really a great way to shorten the leg of them. It’s not really like a pair where you can just stop whenever. To be honest, I am rather excited about this nice thick pair of socks. But, by this point, my yarn seems to be running out rather quickly.

Thankfully, since we are looking at blue details anyhow, I figure I can just make a blue toe and it’ll all be ok.

Once these are done, I’ll need to get my butt right in gear for a pair of October socks.

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