I have a friend who has a very cool bike.


See it? It’s pink, and it has super fat tires, and it’s very cool. She is very cool too, and generally matches her bike.

She’s one of those friends that just gets closer over time, and I wanted to create something for her. She’s trendy and fun, and not overly interested in my knitting/spinning. But I figured I could find something she could like. So I searched and searched in my stash, until I came up with this cable plied skein.


It is also pink. Very pink. And gorgeous. And I thought what could be better than a honey cowl in all that pink to match her bike?


And so that’s what I’ve been working on. A very pink, very handspun honey cowl. Out of what is clearly some of the best yarn I’ve ever made. It’ll be done this weekend. 🙂