A Tuesday Evening

After my Pas de Valse sweater knitting overload this weekend, by Monday evening my hands were shot. I kept trying to knit, but my hands would just fall asleep every time I’d attempt it.

I was not terribly inspired by weaving, so instead I decided I should dig through my fiber stash and choose something to spin on my wheel. I had anticipated spinning a Loop cloud, but then I looked to the side, and there sat some batts I’d made awhile back, along with some matching locks I’d dyed and flick carded, but hadn’t yet made into batts.

The fiber was from this fleece I processed 3 years ago. So much has been done with this fiber, the largest project being spinning it from locks for the border of my Lizard Ridge blanket. I’ve sold some of the locks, given away dyed locks made into batts, sampled, created, and I STILL have clean undyed locks to play with! This fleece was a fantastic investment!

Anyhow, point being, I had this batt, heathered, combining dyed locks with undyed locks. I also had a bunch of dyed locks. I decided that rather than keep looking at them, I’d spin them. I’d just combine the batt with the dyed locks and call it a day.

Then I started spinning the batt. And it was spinning up so nice and fine, and easily. I loved it! I decided those locks wanted to be matching batts. So I devoted Tuesday evening to making 3 more heathered batts.


Pretty stuff!

And here’s why I insisted on more batts.


It’s just spinning up so nicely! The colors are amazing, and gentle, and I think this will make a lovely bouncy thin 3 ply yarn. I can’t wait to complete it!

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