Lovely Weekend

I had a lovely weekend! Just, unexpectedly lovely. On Friday I got right down to business, starting our multiple loads of laundry before I left for work. After I got home, all 3 of us went to see The Martian, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

On Saturday I took Miss Bug shopping with me, as she was running out of pairs of pants which fit. Spent some time weaving, and some time spinning, and we finally laid the old dog’s ashes to rest under the tree we planted for him.


After that it was off to a birthday party for Miss Bug, and a bike ride for Mr. Ink and me. We returned fairly early, leaving me time to start mowing the lawn while Mr. Ink picked up Bug. He returned with another little girl in tow as well, as Bug wanted more time with her friend. THEN, those two left to wander the neighborhood and returned with yet another friend and an idea was born. Can we drive mom crazy by asking for a sleep over at the last minute?

They could. And so we enjoyed the sounds of 3 young girls hanging out in our house while we watched Remains of the Day, and I did some spinning and knitting.

Sunday morning all 5 of us were up early and making breakfast. I made the girls pancakes while Mr. Ink made them sausage and eggs. I’d planned out my Sunday to involve homemade soup and homemade bread. So, once the girls were gone, I worked on that and alternated it with spinning.


In the end, I had 2 loaves of bread, a huge crockpot full of soup, and 3 bobbins of handspun singles waiting to be plied.

It was pretty much perfect.

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