October Spinning

The purple batts I created to spin this month are done! They were an extremely pleasing spin for me, and I made a very decent 3 ply yarn out of them.

370 yards of 3 ply yarn, I’d say it’s a sport weight. It’s a bit too bouncy to be a fingering weight yarn.


It’s certainly heathered and tonal, which I really truly love. These CVM Romeldale batts were an absolute pleasure to spin. Quite frankly, they were such a pleasure that I pulled out some red batts I created awhile back and started right in on those.

I did that for two reasons. The first was that I recently updated my fiber stash on Ravelry, but the red batts didn’t make it in there. So, if I spin them up right away, I don’t have to go back and correct that problem. Second reason? Those batts are so fluffy that take up a ton of room in my allocated stash space. Spinning will make them fit nicely into my handspun stash area.

I’ll be trying a 4 ply with the red toned batts, but they aren’t NEARLY as pretty as this yarn in my opinion. Just not as rich and beautiful.

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