Done Doodling

I spent a lot of time in the past month working on the westknits mystery shawl. Now, I know that there are a ton of westknit fans out there. And while I absolutely appreciate his designs for being quite artistic, my personal desire to knit them has been low. But, I had all this yarn I dyed myself in solid shades, and I just had no clue what to do with it. So I allowed him to choose for me.

Thus, I was able to use up 3 skeins of my colored yarn in short order, with an interesting and engaging knit.

I did wear it out today, and it looks good. I am just not sure I knit enough these days to devote a bunch of time to a mystery knit. Of course, I could totally forget this statement in one year, and fall into another one then. It does happen!


I finished my doodler shawl, but it’s drying on my living room floor at the moment. So, I figured I’d take a moment to post about spinning. I had decided not to start another project until after our Thanksgiving guests had left. And once they did, I was too close to being done with the doodler to start new spinning.

As soon as that doodler was blocked, I ran into my craft room to grab some fiber.  I chose my loop! cloud fiber in colorway Rose Garden.


I’ve been craving this particular spin for awhile but just haven’t gotten around to doing it. So, I began spinning with great joy.

I decided that this would be spun into a thin single, and then either left as a single or chain plied. I don’t think the colors will blend together very nicely, so single or chain ply it is. But, I am making that decision after I get the singles spun.


It’s looking rather holiday like at the moment!

Food Baby

Mr Ink and I went out to dinner last evening with one of Mr. Ink’s friends. Now, that friend and I are talkers, and Mr. Ink and I are not. At one point after we’d finished our food and were continuing to gab, I look over at Mr. Ink’s plate, and see that he was working a ball of cornmeal mush (or something) into a creature.


I promptly named this his food baby, as seemed appropriate after too many days of eating a little too well.

I spent a lot of time yesterday with my doodler shawl. I am very close to being done, the icord bind off is complete and I am just now left with the picot trim. I figured I’d start with the longest sections first and work back to the shortest sections in order to preserve my sanity. My hands ache, but I can’t wait to be done so I just keep on knitting so I can get this blocked today!

I’ve still got my pas de valse sweater on the needles and I do want to work on that. My december socks are at work, so I’ll hit them hard next week. But, I immediately began to panic over what I might knit next, then realized with Christmas just around the corner, maybe it would be nice to knit Mr. Ink’s mother a scarf. She has a big shawl from me, which she wears around her apartment, but she mentioned it on Thursday, and it sounded like maybe she could use a handknit scarf to stay warm when she’s outdoors. I pulled yarn out of my stash for that, but I do think I’ll need a bit of a knitting break once that doodler is done!


In any case, here’s a picture of the first picot trim bit done, and now I am off to work on the rest!


That’s it. I finished my clue 3 of my doodler shawl, which is great since clue 4 just came out. And now I’ll have time to finish this shawl up if I don’t start anything new.


That right there is 644 stitches all scrunched up on a needle that’s really too small. I really don’t have a good, longer cabled substitute for it, so it stays. And I keep hoping it doesn’t break.

Our Thanksgiving went very well! Our guests showed up a bit early which was welcome, as Mr. Ink and I really were done with any housework and prep we wanted to do. And they came bearing some delicious cheese!


I keep wondering if that cheese stayed in our home, but haven’t yet wandered to the fridge to check. That seems overwhelming, the idea of trying to find something up in there!

I managed to make a fabulous cranberry sauce jello salad, and it was an extreme hit. I was told this would now be tradition. Fine by me, it really isn’t that hard to make. This was the first time I’ve ever had a jello in a mold actually stay together when removing that mold. Felt like quite the triumph, and there was even some triumphant screaming involved on my part. I was so happy!


It was an ugly day weather wise, it had been raining all morning and then began to freeze over. We were quite concerned about our scary driveway, but salting it down well seems to have done the trick. It was icy indeed, but cars were able to get in and out just fine. I took a quick photo of Mr. Ink’s crazy hair plant all iced over. It didn’t capture how each strand was ice covered really, but it’s still a pretty cool picture.


And now I am back to the quiet of an empty home. But, my home is pristine, and that always makes me so happy. Mr. Ink helped me do two dishwasher loads full of dishes last evening, so there was very little left I had to clean up this morning. It’s so pleasant to be with someone who loves to entertain just as much as I do, and will throw himself into helping in equal part to myself. We both absolutely loved our first big holiday in our new home!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Boy do I have a lot to be thankful for this year, it’s the first big holiday in our new home and we are hosting some of Mr. Ink’s family. Having enough room to host family and friends was something important to us both when looking at homes, and it is really wonderful to see that come to fruition.

As you may already know since I’ve put so fine a point on it earlier this week, I am on vacation. To top that off, Miss Bug headed to Colorado yesterday morning with her grandmother, aunt, and cousin to spend a thanksgiving with an uncle she’s never met, and to watch her cousin play in a hockey tournament. So my large amounts of alone time got even more aloner, and that’s been enjoyable.

We had a visit from Mr. Ink’s son last evening, made him dinner and chatted quite a bit since we haven’t seen him since we closed on the house. He was very impressed with how it has come together, and mentioned, as everyone does, how very much us the home is.

I cooked all day yesterday, and have been cleaning this morning. Despite this, spinning has still happened. I got to the point where I needed to ply the 7 oz. of wool batts I brought back from our local guild show.


I did that from my spinning corner in the living room. In a chair that FINALLY has feet! Mr. Ink put feet on my favorite chair, and it’s much more normal sized now. Let me show you my cozy spinning corner!


I ended up finishing my huge skein, 620 yards of 2 ply yarn.


I am attempting not to pull out any more fiber until the holiday is over. I should be concentrating on the doodler shawl for now!

I hope all who are celebrating today have the most wonderful of days.

How I Roll

Vacation day 3, massive productivity paired with a little time out for knitting. Not much though. I went from just 1 clue 3 wedge to the second clue 3 wedge complete.


Here’s a picture of my doodler all bunched up on a too short cable. Because that’s how I roll. I have absolutely no intention of changing needles at this point.

I have to say though, is there anything more charming than garter stitch knitted on the proper size needle? It really is so need and tidy and beautiful!

I am at a point where I could add a green wedge if I wanted to. But I am not sure. I have plenty of yarn for 4 wedges of clue 3 no matter what way I work it. I just need to settle into a decision.

Today I actually have to leave the house. I know, I know, it’s not ideal. But it must be done. I also have some intention to start some thanksgiving day cooking. Even if I just get the fancy cranberry sauce done, I’ll feel like I am moving in the correct direction.

And now I can hear that the washer and the dishwasher that I rather stupidly started earlier this morning are done, which means that now I can get my shower and get my butt out of the house. The sooner I do so, the sooner I can return to the fabulousness that is being at home on a weekday!


Day 2 of vacation fell on Spinday, and I did it justice. We did go for a bike ride, as is the norm on Spinday. We rode pavement instead of dirt, it was a cool day, but super sunny, and we stopped for lunch at a mexican restaurant nearby. Very pleasant.


I kept after my purple gradient as well. Parts of it were a real pain. Some of the colored batts had wool that really was too short stapled to have any business being spun, so that was disappointing.

But I kept at it! Finishing the first half today.


I’ve also been a cleaning machine, AS PROMISED. I actually cleaned the inside and outside of all the windows on 3 sides of the house today! I’ve moved all the furniture and cleaned and dusted under it, and pulled all the couch cushions and vacuumed under them. It took ages, but the house positively sparkles! I’ve still got a bit left to do, Mr. Ink’s den and a little more work on my craft room, and the main bathroom. But, it’s really in great shape for this early in the week! I am pleased with how absolutely methodical I’ve been about the deep cleaning project. Not like me, not at all.

Tomorrow? Maybe I’ll have enough of my doodler to show off.