I am just going to start calling Sunday “Spinday” because that’s how it’s been in my house the last two weekends. Not only do I get a bunch of spinning done, but we also go for a bike ride.

On Sundays, I do accomplish stuff around the house, but it’s punctuated by copious amounts of spinning. I’ve got a little hidden corner chair where I do most of my spinning, and Mr. Ink has decided something magical is happening there. You see, every time he walks by, there I am, in my chair, making progress on my spinning. And yet as he looks around the house, he can see that housework is being done.

At one point he said he was ready to go on a bike ride, and he walked into the bathroom to get ready. In that time, I changed, got my bike shoes on, and filled water bottles. Then went back to spinning while waiting. He comes back out ready to go, assuming I haven’t moved. Then takes a look at me in my bike gear and says “HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?!?!”

It’s magic.


This is the “ugly” batt I didn’t like all spun into singles. It got done fairly early on Spinday, so I continued to spin the other two red batts.


Which I finished right after dinner! (To be fair, my help was not needed for dinner, Mr. Ink did it all, so that gave me even more time on Spinday.)

I was even able to ply the entire project last evening. Without that extra hour, I would never have been able to get it done, but with the extra hour, Spinday was extremely successful.

Tonight? Miss Bug and I bake to our hearts content. Chocolate chip cookies and homemade pita bread are on the list of things to bake. 🙂

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