Spinday Post

I haven’t spun yet!! Even though it’s my Spinday. I will be biking though, it’s so absolutely beautiful weather around here. And I am about bored with knitting at the moment, so I feel some spinning or weaving coming on!

But, if you don’t like spoilers and are knitting the latest westknits KAL, you may not want to be reading along here. Because I joined.

I decided to join when I saw the first clue started by numerous people. I’d been curious, and I knew I had stash yarn I could use, but once I saw those clues,  I had to join.

The yarn I used is stuff I dyed myself ages ago.


I am using the gold and coral from this batch.


And the green from this batch.

Now, some of these yarns have been dyed and sitting in my stash for more than 3 years. The reason I have not knit with them has everything to do with the fact that in kettle dying them, they got horribly tangled, and I just couldn’t be bothered to attempt to wind them.

But, when deciding on this knit along, it seemed wise to use my stash yarn. So I pulled out my skeins, and spent the better part of yesterday untangling them. Not all the skeins, just the three I intend to use.

Then, I got started.


So far so good! It’s quite pretty, and I like how it looks a bit like butterfly wing at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Spinday Post

  1. I just bought the pattern and have my yarns picked. Today I’m at my son’s (watching the Denver Broncos struggle…) but tomorrow I’m casting on. Like you I waited for the spoiler pictures. As soon as I saw it I was sold!

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