I set last evening and this morning as my time to finish my first doodler clue since the second has come out. We had a couple options for evening activities outside the home, but we were having activities every single evening, and so I negotiated time home with Miss Bug. Required of us was a big bowl of buttery homemade popcorn and a movie. Which suited me just fine!


When it comes to my tween, everything is a negotiation. She had asked Mr. Ink to choose some movies she could pick from. He did so, but pretty soon she had pulled out her movies as well. So, they negotiated a movie. Settling on Zoolander due to the upcoming sequel, I made popcorn, Mr. Ink got chili cooking on the stove, and we settled down to a movie.

And I knit. And no matter how much I knit last evening, nothing could have me done with clue 1. It took most of this morning to finish!


I actually have developed a blister on my finger from knitting so much. This happens to me from time to time. So, I am not sure how much more knitting will happen today, I might decide on other activities. Weaving or spinning or riding bike or cleaning or preparing the yard for winter. All perfectly legitimate ideas for today!

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