A quiet day

These days, when Miss Bug is sick and staying home, the rule is that she has to be off ALL devices and the TV doesn’t go on. This helps eliminate the sick days she wants to take that aren’t really all that sick.

So, yesterday we had a very quiet day. And I’d say for me, knitting wise, it was also extremely productive. I finished my second clue for the doodler mystery shawl.


Mr. Ink thinks it’s quite funny that I have no idea how this will look once it’s complete. But, it’s something I enjoy. But I’ll tell you what, those huge green cables almost killed me! I finally figured out that using a number of double pointed needles gave me the amount of give I needed to complete the last 3 cable rows. Between the high silk content yarn and the number of stitches I was trying to cable, it just wasn’t going well at all!

Once this was complete I went to work on my nephew’s cardigan. That’s going well too, but I haven’t gotten pictures yet. I am on the hood already! Which means trying to sew in a zipper is closer than I’d like to think.

I am enjoying my holiday knitting this year! And the holidays haven’t even begun.

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