Out of Routine

I have decided that the absolute best thing for me is to form a routine, get into that routine, really double down on that routine, and then break it. It seems that I am happiest when I do just that.

Mr. Ink and I took an overnight road trip this week, and it was amazing. We went to see Glen Hansard, an artist I’ve loved for many years, but had never seen live. Mr. Ink, the lover of live music, found out he’d be near enough to go see this summer and immediately purchased tickets. And I’d been anticipating it ever since.

Now, around here, it rained and rained on Tuesday. We drove more than 3 hours in the dark and pouring rain, ending up in a city we were unfamiliar with. It was some extremely tense hours. But, we found our hotel and since I had booked it close to the venue, we didn’t have to drive again. And it quit raining just for us!

Glen Hansard was amazing. It was hands down the best live show I’ve ever been to, and I have been to many! Mr. Ink wasn’t particularly familiar with his music, but kept saying throughout the concert “This is WONDERFUL!” and “This is just AMAZING!” and jumping out of his seat after a particularly amazing song was performed. There were something like 6 encores and the crowd still didn’t want to leave. Great venue, amazing crowd, fantastic artist, just an all around fantastic evening.

The next morning we were able to walk to go out for breakfast, and then get in the car to head home, still clearly on a high from concert. Mr. Ink drove a good portion of the way, so I did a little car knitting.


That’s the hood I am working on for my nephew’s christmas sweater. I forget how fast and fun knitting with worsted weight yarn can be! By the time we got home, I had a finished hood, which meant all I had to do was weave in an end or two and block. Because I was smart enough to weave in the other ends as I went along.


Today is the day I purchase a zipper and look at multiple tutorials on how to sew it in properly!

One thought on “Out of Routine

  1. I’m still a bit afraid of sewing in zippers. It’s completely irrational. So if you share photos of your process, it would be neat to see.

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