We were able to procure tickets to see our local community production of A Christmas Carol last evening. Miss Bug had been requesting it, as she’s gone once and now feels it’s tradition. I was no opposed to the idea either, as I really enjoy the performance, and as it turns out, even as a grown up I am a lover of all things Christmas.

And there’s something about the story that I just love. It makes my skeptical heart warm up the perfect way for the season.

Mr. Ink had never been to our local playhouse, so that added another element of fun to the evening.


Miss Bug likes to have her picture taken with Scrooge after the show, and she was so thankful to see him in the lobby again this year.

I am officially on vacation. I have no particular plans, other than crafting, cooking, and deep cleaning the house. Well, also, to fix the hole in the hallway wall. I am really looking forward to these tasks as these tasks are the type I find very relaxing. Miss Bug has school Monday through Wednesday and Mr. Ink works all but Thanksgiving day. So, it will be a vacation of alone time doing that which I love. I am so looking forward to it!

The play made it so that I didn’t get a ton of knitting time, but I did manage to finish the knitting on the cardigan for my nephew.


I have now officially created knitwear with a functional zipper. It could be neater and tidier, but it isn’t too bad for a first try. And I did really enjoy the process.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!



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