Vacation Day 1

Yesterday was our local annual spinners and weavers guild show. While I am not a part of the guild, I do look forward to the guild show all year. Last year I was careful how much I purchased, and then was done with my guild fiber quite early in the year, which was disappointing. So I was quite a bit more generous with my purchasing allowance.

I got a bunch of braids from one of our local dyers, but to mix it up, I also purchased a back of 7.4 ounces wool batts in various shades of purple.


In the end, these went on the wheel first. I decided to make this into a long 2 ply gradient, so I decided on a color progression, split each batt in two, and am doing a double marl at the end of each color to blend the next color in.


I got this far yesterday, you can see a subtle color progression into a darker lavender beginning.

As of this morning, here’s where I am.


There are actually 3 different colors featured in this picture. A lighter purple with sparkle, a slightly darker purple, and then a heathered grey and darker purple combo. I am enjoying this spin so much, and I’ve been itching to get larger projects onto the wheel lately, so this really fits that desire nicely.

Today it’s time to work on some housework, and since it’s also Spinday, a bike ride and some additional spinning will be in order!


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