Day 2 of vacation fell on Spinday, and I did it justice. We did go for a bike ride, as is the norm on Spinday. We rode pavement instead of dirt, it was a cool day, but super sunny, and we stopped for lunch at a mexican restaurant nearby. Very pleasant.


I kept after my purple gradient as well. Parts of it were a real pain. Some of the colored batts had wool that really was too short stapled to have any business being spun, so that was disappointing.

But I kept at it! Finishing the first half today.


I’ve also been a cleaning machine, AS PROMISED. I actually cleaned the inside and outside of all the windows on 3 sides of the house today! I’ve moved all the furniture and cleaned and dusted under it, and pulled all the couch cushions and vacuumed under them. It took ages, but the house positively sparkles! I’ve still got a bit left to do, Mr. Ink’s den and a little more work on my craft room, and the main bathroom. But, it’s really in great shape for this early in the week! I am pleased with how absolutely methodical I’ve been about the deep cleaning project. Not like me, not at all.

Tomorrow? Maybe I’ll have enough of my doodler to show off.

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