Happy Thanksgiving!

Boy do I have a lot to be thankful for this year, it’s the first big holiday in our new home and we are hosting some of Mr. Ink’s family. Having enough room to host family and friends was something important to us both when looking at homes, and it is really wonderful to see that come to fruition.

As you may already know since I’ve put so fine a point on it earlier this week, I am on vacation. To top that off, Miss Bug headed to Colorado yesterday morning with her grandmother, aunt, and cousin to spend a thanksgiving with an uncle she’s never met, and to watch her cousin play in a hockey tournament. So my large amounts of alone time got even more aloner, and that’s been enjoyable.

We had a visit from Mr. Ink’s son last evening, made him dinner and chatted quite a bit since we haven’t seen him since we closed on the house. He was very impressed with how it has come together, and mentioned, as everyone does, how very much us the home is.

I cooked all day yesterday, and have been cleaning this morning. Despite this, spinning has still happened. I got to the point where I needed to ply the 7 oz. of wool batts I brought back from our local guild show.


I did that from my spinning corner in the living room. In a chair that FINALLY has feet! Mr. Ink put feet on my favorite chair, and it’s much more normal sized now. Let me show you my cozy spinning corner!


I ended up finishing my huge skein, 620 yards of 2 ply yarn.


I am attempting not to pull out any more fiber until the holiday is over. I should be concentrating on the doodler shawl for now!

I hope all who are celebrating today have the most wonderful of days.

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