That’s it. I finished my clue 3 of my doodler shawl, which is great since clue 4 just came out. And now I’ll have time to finish this shawl up if I don’t start anything new.


That right there is 644 stitches all scrunched up on a needle that’s really too small. I really don’t have a good, longer cabled substitute for it, so it stays. And I keep hoping it doesn’t break.

Our Thanksgiving went very well! Our guests showed up a bit early which was welcome, as Mr. Ink and I really were done with any housework and prep we wanted to do. And they came bearing some delicious cheese!


I keep wondering if that cheese stayed in our home, but haven’t yet wandered to the fridge to check. That seems overwhelming, the idea of trying to find something up in there!

I managed to make a fabulous cranberry sauce jello salad, and it was an extreme hit. I was told this would now be tradition. Fine by me, it really isn’t that hard to make. This was the first time I’ve ever had a jello in a mold actually stay together when removing that mold. Felt like quite the triumph, and there was even some triumphant screaming involved on my part. I was so happy!


It was an ugly day weather wise, it had been raining all morning and then began to freeze over. We were quite concerned about our scary driveway, but salting it down well seems to have done the trick. It was icy indeed, but cars were able to get in and out just fine. I took a quick photo of Mr. Ink’s crazy hair plant all iced over. It didn’t capture how each strand was ice covered really, but it’s still a pretty cool picture.


And now I am back to the quiet of an empty home. But, my home is pristine, and that always makes me so happy. Mr. Ink helped me do two dishwasher loads full of dishes last evening, so there was very little left I had to clean up this morning. It’s so pleasant to be with someone who loves to entertain just as much as I do, and will throw himself into helping in equal part to myself. We both absolutely loved our first big holiday in our new home!

2 thoughts on “644

  1. Great success with the cranberry mold. I keep hoping every year for mine to stay together. In fact, this year I grabbed my camera to catch the event, but maybe next year. Good luck on the rest of the mystery shawl. It looks great so far.

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