Food Baby

Mr Ink and I went out to dinner last evening with one of Mr. Ink’s friends. Now, that friend and I are talkers, and Mr. Ink and I are not. At one point after we’d finished our food and were continuing to gab, I look over at Mr. Ink’s plate, and see that he was working a ball of cornmeal mush (or something) into a creature.


I promptly named this his food baby, as seemed appropriate after too many days of eating a little too well.

I spent a lot of time yesterday with my doodler shawl. I am very close to being done, the icord bind off is complete and I am just now left with the picot trim. I figured I’d start with the longest sections first and work back to the shortest sections in order to preserve my sanity. My hands ache, but I can’t wait to be done so I just keep on knitting so I can get this blocked today!

I’ve still got my pas de valse sweater on the needles and I do want to work on that. My december socks are at work, so I’ll hit them hard next week. But, I immediately began to panic over what I might knit next, then realized with Christmas just around the corner, maybe it would be nice to knit Mr. Ink’s mother a scarf. She has a big shawl from me, which she wears around her apartment, but she mentioned it on Thursday, and it sounded like maybe she could use a handknit scarf to stay warm when she’s outdoors. I pulled yarn out of my stash for that, but I do think I’ll need a bit of a knitting break once that doodler is done!


In any case, here’s a picture of the first picot trim bit done, and now I am off to work on the rest!

2 thoughts on “Food Baby

    • Yes, while I am on vacation, I haven’t taken much “vacation” time. Meaning I’ve kept quite busy with more obligatory activities. Yesterday I truly took vacation. It was all doodler all day long, and I STILL didn’t finish the icord bind off until this morning.

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