In the Swing

Wow, getting back in the swing of things after vacation has gone poorly! Work is about as busy as it can be, during a busy season. Miss Bug’s schedule is pretty wild right now, and Mr. Ink’s mom is requiring multiple visits to the dentist. She doesn’t drive, so I drive her. Last evening was the first evening since vacation where I am home when it was still light out. It was still a busy evening, but I had an hour and a half between work and our next scheduled event. That hour was consumed with helping with homework and catching up on housework, but, I was able to take a photo!


Let me tell you about this yarn. This is handspun singles from loop clouds in the color Rose Garden. There’s 1265 yards. When I spun it, I wasn’t sure if it would be singles or chain ply, as these aren’t colors that I believe would ply nicely together. As I kept spinning, I became more and more aware that it was going to be singles. And, before I was done spinning, I had a pattern picked out.

My original intention was to wash this, fulling it slightly, and then spinning it back the other way to take some twist back out. Then washing it again, fulling it slightly to make very stable low spun singles.

But, every once in awhile, I am powerless in the face of handspun. I balled this up yesterday, and couldn’t resist casting on. The project I have in mind is lace, so the singles will be fine as is. If I get to bits I think are twisty, I can untwist them a bit as I knit.

My plan is to knit the Forest Path Stole, and I cast on for it already. I’ve wanted to knit that scarf since…I dunno, 2007? So it’s long overdue, and now’s the time.

To bring you up to speed about the last bit of vacation, Miss Bug got home from her trip to Colorado, and we put up the tree and hung the stockings, and it was lovely.

So there you have it! Happy Friday everyone! With a weekend coming up, I can get some additional photographs going! I am very eager to see what the weekend brings in crafting. Work has been so busy that it will really be pleasant to have some down time.