Like it’s 2007

A good friend of mine recently said she was knitting like it was 2007. She meant that she was knitting quite a lot which hasn’t been her norm. I quickly agreed, saying that my project choices were like 2007.

My December socks, more than halfway complete, are another pair of Monkey socks. I don’t remember when that pattern came out, but I know I was knitting it in early 2008, and I’d known about it longer.


Then there’s the scarf I am knitting for my “mother in law.” She’s been complaining that the large shawl I gave her doesn’t work for outdoors. So I decided to pull out some old sock yarn and start a Clapotis. Chances are, if you were knitting and online in 2007, you made a Clapotis, maybe more than one. I have knit it repeatedly over the years, but I started my first in 2007.


I’ve just finished the increases here, and will now begin the main body of the scarf. The yarn is Yarn Pirate Merino Tencel, and there’s nothing more 2007 than that blend either if you ask me!

Not shown is the irresistible handspun project I began out of the Rose Garden singles. I did cast on for my Forest Path Stole, out of my The Best of Interweave Knits, a book I picked up late 2007. I always wanted to knit that pattern, but didn’t quite have the skill back then. I do now.

So I am absolutely knitting like it’s 2007.

How about you? Are there memorable projects from your first major year of knitting that you keep returning to?