December Spinday

Over Thanksgiving vacation, I grabbed up the Craftsy class on fiber prep for spinning. I figured since I have the tools, maybe I’d be more inspired to use them. That was precisely the result of watching the class, and I spent all week wishing I had time to use my drum carder.

First up, I took some polwarth top that was yellow but rather drab, and divided it up. Then I threw in some silk, soy silk, firestar, and sari silk. I created some batts that were far more interesting, but still quite yellow.

I was quite taken with these, so I immediately pulled out another polwarth top that was not very interesting to me, and focused my creative energy on that one.


Above is the original. I threw in all sorts of add ons for this one, silk noil, silk, sari silk, firestar, some bits of loop add ons I had around. I divided it all out nicely in my work space.


I packaged everything up together, carded, and then decided it was time to learn to diz off the drum carder. I had mixed results, but got fairly good and a fair bit faster toward the fourth batt off the carder.


I now have over 4 ounces of some really crazy pinky purply stuff to spin up. But, for Spinday? I am starting with yellow.