Can’t stop, won’t stop

Or, In Christmas Knitting Avoidance.

Dudes. I cannot stop with the fiber prep. That Craftsy class must have been madly inspiring. And I had a week for the information to percolate before I got to the drum carder. It’s just been….wild.

My next drum carder creation had to be a gradient! I had a 4 oz. braid of polwarth wool that was dyed in greens/blues/purples. I split it all up into individual colors, and then made 4 equal piles of fiber, each a different color. Then, I threw in a ton of add ins, in this case firestar, silk, and some Loop! fiber I had laying around. I used exactly the same add ins in the same amounts for each of the 4 piles of polwarth.

IMG_3704¬†Here’s what it looked like before the top layer of polwarth on the second batt. What I ended up with was 4 batts, working their way from green to blue to purple.


The purple is rather subtle, but I really think this’ll be a fabulous spin!

Then I sat down and finished spinning my yellow singles.


They looked like Ramen noodles when they came off the niddy noddy. I am determined to do with these what I wanted to do with my last singles. I fulled them slightly and they are hanging to dry, then I’ll wind them, and send them back through my wheel the other way in order to get stable singles with far less twist.

And, well, I couldn’t even stop there! I divided out the crazy pink fiber I’d dizzed off the drum carder into two equal piles and got started spinning that.


It’s awesome and crazy! I WANT A HAT!

Guys, my creativity was flying off the charts this weekend¬†and I just want to create ALL THE THINGS! This is very good, since we’ve got a week absolutely packed full this week, and I really, truly, needed this time with my fiber crafts.