The Weekend

I am already looking forward to another, how about you? Though, there’s, again, a ridiculous amount of stuff needing to be done between the two weekends.

Since the extremely rainy weather made pictures so difficult this weekend, All I’ve got is a snapshot of more fiber on the drum carder. I decided to take some fiber I had dyed, BFL, and add some stuff to it.


I just wasn’t in love with it as is, so I figured adding to it couldn’t hurt.


I added quite a bit of silk, and some loop fiber. Carded twice, I ended up with some pretty cool metallic looking batts. Which I’ll show off. Just as soon as I can get a good picture.

The weekend was predominately quiet after a very crazy week. The last event we had going on was Friday night, my company holiday party. I guess you could say it ended early Saturday morning, as we wandered off to another event afterwards. But, here we are, Mr. Ink and I, at the holiday party.


We had a great time, and then I slept on and off for two days straight.