Of the knitting variety.

Here’s the deal, I STILL haven’t been home when it’s light out. So, I still don’t have pictures of the various knitting and spinning projects I have going on right now.

But, I have been thinking about my knitting goals. Seeing as when I do make goals, I generally achieve them. We’ve got a new year coming up very quickly, and so I decided to reflect a bit on what I’d like to make happen in the upcoming year. I am reflecting NOW because my time to do so up until the new year promises to be rather limited.

I have three sweaters on the needles RIGHT NOW. I have the Funky Grandpa cardigan that I started on December 4 2014. That’s my oldest, and it needs sleeves. Then there’s the Grandpa Cardigan that I started December 16 2014. Equally old at this point, and not even as far finished. And then, naturally, I cast on a sweater mid October of this year, the Pas de Valse. And, it, too, is not done. These all need to become finished sweaters or get frogged. And I think that frogging them at this point would be a sin. Also, I have to remind myself it might be nice to have those needles back!

As for what I, and you the reader, can expect from the blog, I’ve got some home repair projects I am about to embark on, and I am taking you along for the ride! It could go smoothly, with me feeling empowered and doing more home projects, OR, it could go terribly, and I plan to show you either way.

That I start on Saturday. 🙂