Yesterday I was able to get home at a reasonable time, since Miss Butterfly (formerly known as Bug) had an appointment to have her braces removed. She now has straight teeth! For one blissful week she has no braces or retainer, and the receptionist handed her a goody bag of candy and gum to enjoy for one week.

Because I was home early, I got to take photos! And that was quite exciting for me. I’ve been so busy at work and at home, and I just haven’t gotten home during the daylight at all this week. Until yesterday.

So, updates. Here we go. My green/blue/purple batts are coming along. In this picture I am on the third batt, and you can see the color of the second batt in one corner. I must have put way more than 4 ounces into these batts, as my bobbin is far fuller than I expect it to be at this point.


I’ve gotten a bit farther now, into the final batt, but not done yet. I am hoping to finish this evening as we have our first free evening, after some errands after work, this week.

Next up, a project you haven’t seen yet. I’ve been knitting up my Loop Rose Garden singles, remember them?


They are pretty and I love them, and I started knitting them into a Forest Path Stole, which is entrelac lace. Since I am having some concern about yardage, I decided to bead the stitches that are meant to be nupps, and I think they look quite fabulous. I have some matching beads, but I fear I will run out very quickly. And I am not sure if I can get more. I might just use other colors as I move forward.


It’s a little crazy with colors going every which way, but it gives me great pleasure to see each block come together. Also, this has been my LIFE SAVER over the past two weeks. If I really need to calm down, knitting is what I revert to. And I’ve spent a lot of time needing to calm down lately. The fact that these are twenty stitch, forty row blocks make them ideal for that immediate gratification knitting. I don’t end up with a complete project, but I end up with a complete block, and that feels just as good to me right now.

And finally, I recently showed off my latest drum carding project,


But I was unable to get finished object photos. Until now. Here are my batts from last weekend’s drum carding project.


They look so coppery, or metallic. I love them. They’ve got BFL, a whole bunch of silk, and some loop fiber. No additional sparkles beyond what was already in the loop fiber. Since I am absolutely obsessed currently with singles, these might end up singles as well. Since they each have different tones, I won’t spin them into a gradient this time, instead I’ll pull strips off each batt and mix them all up. These’ll be my next spinning project, to be started on Saturday.

Tomorrow’s post? Will be all about my upcoming home improvement project. Or, home destruction project, might be. It’ll entirely depend on how it goes. But, tomorrow I’ll show what I plan to start this weekend.