Renovations Part 1

When I purchased my house, I fell in love with all the original 1960s details that hadn’t been changed, since I’d purchased it from the original owners. One of the things I loved was the blue tile in the bathroom.


You can just see the tile in the above picture, as well as the shower curtain we are working with.

Unfortunately, one of those tiles cracked. I noticed it right away, and have been keeping an eye on it. Also, I noticed that the grout would just fall out every time I cleaned the shower. So, I kept caulking those grout lines in hopes to just keep it together for awhile. For awhile there, I would think “I think that back wall is bowing.” But it was hard to tell if that was my anxiety speaking or if that was actually happening. Well, it’s become apparent that was not my anxiety speaking. The crack in the tile on the wall I think is bowing is very much so widening. Here it is:


Also, we don’t really need those bars.


Here’s another photo, you can see along the corner wall that the tiles are actually trying to pop themselves out, and are held in by caulk.

And here’s another thing that has been bugging me, it looks like the tile was put in, then the tub settled over time, and the gap between the tile and the tub is really large.


And, the tile sitting right there? Is the lime green I have decided to put in, along with the old tiles if I can manage to remove them without completely ruining them. Seeing as they are trying to pop off anyhow, I should be able to. But we won’t know until I start. Tomorrow.