Surprise Batts!

Miss Butterfly (Formerly known as Bug), Miss Marja, and I have a tradition around Christmas. We get together one Saturday or Sunday morning, enjoy some delicious holiday treats, watch a Christmas movie, and Butterfly gets her gifts from Miss Marja. Miss Marja and I get to do some spinning during the movie. It’s all very pleasant, and a tradition that we all look forward to!

It’s a bit hard to get really into the season this year. I mean, I WANT to feel all Christmasy, my tree has been up for ages, but between the warm weather, the lack of snow, and the busy work season, I am just struggling. I guess knowing that while I have some wonderful time off coming up, we also don’t have far flung family coming in, and I’ll be doing home improvements rather than sipping hot chocolate and spinning, isn’t really helping either.

So, I am counting on this time with Miss Marja to really kick off my holiday spirit. I created some batts for her, but there are no pictures beyond the finished object ones. Since these were to be a surprise, I didn’t want to give anything away. Also, I MIGHT have become unreasonably angry with these batts, and had to not look at them for awhile before I could look at them favorably. This post will go up during the time we are hanging out, so I don’t ruin a surprise.

These batts are alpaca and silk with a bit of sparkle and some loop fiber. They’ll be a bit odd to spin, and the silk isn’t nearly as blended as I hoped, because my drum carder HATES alpaca. I had forgotten that when I started, but remembered by the time I was done with the first batt, and cursing myself for realizing I had 3 more to do. All in all, I think this is a good 5 ounces of fiber, if not more.


I really think they’ll be pretty once spun up, and I had a hard time remembering that I was to give these away, rather than keep them for myself.