Bathroom Reno part 3

I took Monday off to hang out with Miss Butterfly, and to continue work on the bathroom.

We picked out 196 of the nicest blue tiles to set aside for scraping and cleaning.


This is not all 196, but it’s some. I’d already begun adding tile to boiling water so that we could get them well scraped.

We basically spent all day scraping the backs of tile while watching “Buffy” and “Angel” in the basement. I can’t believe how invested she’s been in this entire process.


She can actually get a tile cleaner than I can, it’s very impressive. As is her staying power. It’s exhausting work, I’ll admit. But it’s also wonderful bonding time.

We were able to get 65 tiles scraped and cleaned. That doesn’t feel like enough, AT ALL. But, I’ll keep after them, and I think I can get Mr. Ink to give us a hand as well this week.

Last night after dinner, Mr. Ink and I went to pick up my cement board and got that installed. We have walls in the bathroom again. I need to get the hydrobarrier up, and I’ve only just realized that if I don’t get thinset now, I won’t have it when I (hopefully) need it on Christmas day!

There’s been NO knitting at all. I was working on a scarf for Mr. Ink’s mom for Christmas, and even that’s on hold. I am afraid scraping tile has my hands so messed up that no knitting can be achieved. But honestly? I do not care. I am loving this process as much as I love a good knit or spin project, so it doesn’t bother me. Just doesn’t leave a lot of interesting reading or pictures for those of you who come here for the knitting and spinning!