Bathroom Reno part 4

As I mentioned yesterday, my cement board went up on Monday evening. But, we didn’t get a chance to do the small patches in the corners of the tub that needed to be done. I was so eager to get started when I got home from work yesterday, that I cut and added the patches myself.

Because the next step was waterproofing, and I was quite eager to get started!


So, officially I have the walls up, and the waterproofing done. I also rinsed some tiles I’d sprayed mold remover on. But, I am still sitting at 65 out of 196 tiles cleaned, which isn’t great. I had hoped to have Mr. Ink look into a possible faster way of getting them cleaned up, but I just ran out of juice after the waterproofing was done and I had dinner.

Tonight on the schedule is a trip to the hardware store for thinset, after I take Mr. Ink’s mom to the dentist. Then home for tile cleaning, to which I am hoping will go a little faster than it did on Monday! The tile needs a full 24 hours to dry, and I’d really like to get started on Christmas eve!

As far as the holidays are concerned, while we are hosting a Christmas dinner at our house, we have explained quite clearly that it won’t be a typical “Shells” situation in the house. Mr. Ink will be responsibly for the meal, and it might not be overly clean and tidy as my time will be spent on the bathroom project.

Mr. Ink, a man of few words, has been quietly supportive of my project. He doesn’t interfere, just quietly and quickly gets down to work when I ask him for help with something. As I mentioned before, our relationship works really well when I ask for what I need. So, last night I asked him if he was proud of me for doing all this. (Because, quite frankly, *I* am proud of me.) And he was very quick to respond with a “YES! So much yes! You are amazing and awesome!” ┬áTo which I said “Good, because I plan to redo the kitchen and dining room floor next, and I don’t want to hire someone for it. I am hoping if I do a good job on this, you won’t be too nervous when I decide to do that.”