Bathroom Reno part 5

And a bit of a holiday update.

Hi all! I hope for those of you celebrating, you had a lovely holiday! We sure did. We had Mr. Ink’s daughter over, and his mother, for a late dinner and gift exchange. Then we played one of Miss Butterfly’s new games. It was low key, and it was very relaxing.

Which is great, because I had spent 7 hours scraping the adhesive off old tile, and it was the 4th day in a row of the same. I was just exhausted and my hand hurt so badly.


While Mr. Ink made Christmas dinner, I sat with ice on my hand and enjoyed a glass of wine. I was absolutely Done IN.

That night, I ended up having nightmares that someone drove over my pile of neat and tidy scraped tiles and ruined them, forcing me to continue scraping another day.

Day after Christmas I finally got to put tiles back up! And it was exhausting.


It is really really hard work, and that first row is so difficult, I just wasn’t mentally prepared. After I finished this wall, I decided I was done for the day. I’ll be more prepared tomorrow. In place of continuing to tile, Mr. Ink and I went to the hardware store and picked up grout and sealer, as well as a new faucet. If I can get inspired tonight, I may do some taping of the walls in anticipation of painting in the very near future.

I maintain that Mr. Ink and I have the best set up. I do my thing, with no interference. Which I prefer. And then when I need help, I call. He jumps up and jumps in. Today, he made me lunch so I could have a quick break, and when I was done, he cleaned up my mess while I got a shower. It’s a perfect set up for me.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with another wall! And someday, I’ll get an opportunity to do crafts again! But, at the moment I am barely missing them.


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Reno part 5

  1. Oh yes, I love it when “somebody” cleans up my mess.

    You putting up the tiles without those little spacer gizmos? Brave. I need to do one row in the kitchen, like, 5 large tile, but still warming up to it….

    • For the record, they were in there. I just took the photo far later than I had done the wall, and had already pulled the spacers. Still haven’t gotten the energy to do more though!

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