A Day Off

I’ve decided to take today off from bathroom renovation. Mostly. I’ve got some water proofing left to do, so I’ll get that done. Mr. Ink worked on getting me a new faucet and valves installed. The 1960s hot water faucet was beginning to leak, and I figured if we had the walls down, now’s the time to change it. Plus, putting grungy 55 year old hardware back on a freshly tiled wall seemed….morale killing. We also noticed that the pipes had come loose from where they were to be secured, the old screws rusted through. So we took the time to fix that too, even though it necessitated widening the access panel in my craft room closet. Of course, all this made quite a mess, so I can take today to get things cleaned back up as well.

Additionally, the house itself is getting a bit out of control. I’ve not had the time to work on it, and beyond the things I’ve asked Mr. Ink to do for me, it’s just settling into a state I cannot live with. I can’t ask Mr. Ink to keep it up to my standards and ask him to help me, and cook for me as well.

We also decided that maybe, just maybe, it would be nice to do something “fun” or not home related for our holiday. So we will see a movie, I’ll get laundry done, and get some light clean up done, and waterproofing, and then I’ll have the entire day to devote to tiling tomorrow.

In the meantime, I can absolutely say that no more knitting or spinning will be completed this year. Which brings me to totals. We’ve had SUCH a busy  year and my totals are lower than ever! I only managed to knit a little over 9 miles of yarn this year, despite the fact that included in that is my entire lizard ridge blanket. As for spinning, I’ve only spun a little over 7 miles of yarn this year. Again, that’s pretty low.

I have, however, decided to start keeping track of  my spinning a little differently. I think I am going to go with the idea that singles count as how much you’ve spun. Thus, if I spin 200 yards of a 3 ply, that will count as 600 yards. That’s for the new year. It’ll up my totals, but it’ll also be a more accurate representation.

I’ll be back with more pictures of tiles tomorrow. I even started taping for the upcoming painting of the walls last evening! I am so excited to have a new, modified bathroom!

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