Bathroom Reno part 6

A day off(ish) was lovely. I finished waterproofing, Don made sure everything was ready to go with the plumbing, I cleaned, and I taped in the anticipation of painting in the fairly near future.

I also snuck in some spinning time.


I am not sure I showed this off before, but this is from batts I created, out of BFL I dyed, as well as silk add ins and some loop extras.I actually got this particular bobbin done. It was nice.

Today, we got a snow storm. Now, we knew THIS one was coming. The last one we had little knowledge of before hand, and they told us 1-3 inches, but we got more than 7. THIS storm they’ve predicted all week, sometimes we were told that we would get more than 10 inches of snow. Well, we got snow, but I’d say it was more in the range of the unpredicted snow storm. Maybe 7 inches. Not sure though.

No matter, Miss Butterfly and I were inside for the day. Mr. Ink had to go in to work, but we were home. She said she planned to build legos with her blinds open so she could watch the storm. And that she did.

I tiled. I had a really hard time getting motivated. But once I got my thinset mixed, I was at it for a solid 6 hours. Butterfly was good to come help when I needed it. Even after 6 solid hours of tiling, I couldn’t get the back wall done. I got 10 out of 14 rows done, but after 6 hours, my thinset was no longer thin, and I needed to go snowblow the driveway so Mr. Ink could get back home.


I will certainly have this wall finished tomorrow, and at least row one on the final wall. If I really push, I might even be able to get it all done. We’ll see! I am certainly at a point where it would be lovely to get finished now.

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